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Roulette in Irish online casinos

Online roulette is a classic game traced back to times immemorial. Its primitive ancestor was found during excavations at Roman military settlements, and many centuries have passed till it anchored in its modern, easily recognisable layout. Online roulette in Irish casinos is a popular game with insightful rules and absorbing gameplay. Its variety of bet options makes it an excellent pastime for casual and hardcore casino fans. Its variety of payment levels (1:1 to 35:1) is perfect for those who err on the side of caution and love to take risks. Online roulette is a relaxing yet thrilling game with room for strategic thinking and mathematical calculations. If you are smart enough to do the math, you will win. But do not forget about the house edge, however low it is—only 2.7% for European roulette. Read our comprehensive guide below to learn more.

Roulette: Key facts

Roulette game flow


Table game



Player’s edge:


Max. odds:


Main variations:

European, American, French

Bet sizes:


  1. Drop casino chips on the bet area you want (red/black, a number, etc.)
  2. Tab the button that starts the round and spins the virtual wheel
  3. The ball stops on one of the 37 (38) numbers in a few seconds
  4. The online roulette game pays out cash if the bet you’ve made covers the winning number; otherwise, the house takes your bet

Online roulette wheel

European roulette wheel
European roulette wheel

Let’s describe European (ER) and American (AR) online roulette wheels. The differences between the versions have little effect on the wheel layout—we will discuss that later. So, a wheel has 37 (ER) or 38 (AR) sections of equal size. They look like wedges or pieces of cake. The wedges are coloured in red and black and positioned alternatingly on the roulette wheel: red-black-red-black, and so on. Besides, there’s a green wedge that serves the house, hence the non-100% player’s edge. The sequence of numbers on the wheel seems to defy logic. However, there’s a reasonable explanation and well-thought-out system behind it.

American roulette wheel
American roulette wheel

Number sequencing on a roulette wheel

Numbers are laid out chaotically at the circumference of an online roulette wheel—this is what people would think. And they would be (almost) right. There’s no consistency in the sequence, however hard you try to find it. On the other hand, there is one reasonable explanation for this seemingly unreasonable string.

As you might know, numbers fall under six groups in roulette: red, black, low, high, even and odd (more on this later). So, when building that 36-number sequence, roulette wheel inventors tried to keep a balance between all of these six parameters. They tried to appose two numbers that would have as few common properties as possible.

Let’s consider an example: Numbers 1–20–14–31 are adjacent to each other on the European wheel:

1: low, red, odd

20: high, black, even

14: low, red, even

31: high, black, odd  

Here, only two of four numbers have only one common property, typed in italic above. The same take is put in place throughout the 36-number sequence on the online roulette wheel in an effort to randomise the numbers.

Online roulette table

There are two main elements in each online roulette game in Irish online casinos: a table and a wheel–all virtual, sure. The table displays a betting grid with squares on which a player may throw his chips to place a bet. The design of these elements differs across providers, but the general pattern remains the same. The user interface contains several chips of different denominations (50 cents, €1, €100, etc.), which a player can easily use to add a bet. Some roulette games have a 

  • ‘Double’ button to help the player increase the previous bet by two 
  • ‘Remove’ button to clear the table from the chips
  • ‘Redo’ button to cancel the placement of the last chip
  • ‘Stats’ (History) buttons to let the player keep track of the past rounds  

Bet limits

Roulette game stats

Every table fixes the highest sum per bet type. The logic of the limits is as follows: The higher the possible win, the smaller amount is accepted. Below are typical bet sizes for each kind of bet:

  • Straight: €100
  • Split: €200
  • Street: €300
  • Corner/Four: €400
  • Line: €600
  • Dozen/Column: €1500
  • Even money (three types): €2000

Online roulette software gives you handy tools to enhance your game flow. Using statistics, which goes across hundreds of the latest rounds, you can make smarter decisions regarding your betting patterns and bet amounts. Games display the hot/cold numbers for the last 500 wheel rotations, the distribution of even/odd, red/black numbers, your wins and losses, and other kinds of helpful details that can reshape the way you play if you use them wisely.

Online roulette racetrack

Roulette tables feature a tool that looks like a racetrack at a stadium. This feature is widely known as a ‘racetrack.’ It can always be visible or turned on/off whenever you need or don’t need it. This virtual add-on is used to place Neighbour Bets and Call Bets, also known as Announced Bets. Using the racetrack is easy and intuitive. Even if you play for real money, you will not lose your bankroll by clicking on the racetrack and testing it. We will discuss the mentioned bets later in this online casino review.

Types of bets in online roulette

Playing European, American or French roulette? It does not matter much because the types of bets are almost identical. The key thing is that you should know the principles of how bet types work in roulette online. In the image above, you can see a massive, wide grid with dozens of cells. There are red and black numbers and wordings like Red, Black, and so on. All of these are bet areas on which you can throw a chip.

One of the most intriguing things is that the bets differ in winning odds and, respectively, payouts. If you are a lucky guy, bet on a single number to win 35:1. If you are a toe dipper, choose even-money bets and get your winning bet back doubled. Historically, all wagers are split into two large groups. We are not going to explore them in detail—you can read about them on Wikipedia. We’ll make a brief outline of Inside and Outside bets.

Inside bets in roulette

Betting on a single number or a group of numbers is known as an inside bet. For example, if you place a chip on 5, this is a Straight Up bet. The chances of having it landed are 1:36 in European Roulette and 1:37 in American Roulette. You can also improve your odds and bet on two numbers by putting your chip on the line dividing these numbers. This is known as a Split bet. See the table that sheds light on how many numbers each inside bet encompasses:


Outside bets in roulette

On the outskirts of the betting field are outside bets. They are less risky because they cover more numbers, and the player is more likely to win. Outside bets are ideal for newbies—even if they lose, it will not be devastating for the bankroll. Red/black and other outside bets in online roulette have modest cash awards but more impressive table limits. Whereas Straight Up bets are restricted to about €100, even-money bets can reach into thousands.

Inside bet Numbers covered
Straight (Single) Bet 1
Split Bet 2
Street Bet (Row Bet) 3
Corner Bet (Square Bet) 4
Line Bet (Double-Row Bet) 6
Outside bet Numbers covered
Dozen Bet 12
Column Bet 12
Red/Black Bet 18
Even/Odd Bet 18
Low/High Bet 18

Roulette odds and payouts

Roulette bets Payouts Winning odds
Straight (Single) Bet 35 to 1 2.70%
Split Bet 17 to 1 5.41%
Street Bet 11 to 1 8.11%
Corner Bet 8 to 1 10.81%
Line Bet 5 to 1 16.22%
Dozen Bet 2 to 1 32.43%
Column Bet 2 to 1 32.43%
Even/Odd Bet 1 to 1 48.65%
Red/Black Bet 1 to 1 48.65%
Low/High Bet 1 to 1 48.65%

Online roulette: Bottom line

Roulette is an exemplary game of luck because your fate (Win or Lose) is determined by a virtual ball. Luck is good, but when you play for real money, you will need more than that—skills. An experienced online roulette player, especially a high roller, knows perfectly when to bet, how much to bet, and what sector to cover with the bet. Online roulette has the maximum cash reward of 35:1, but some bonus roulette games offer more at the expense of Straight Up payouts. While European, American, and French versions differ slightly in winning probabilities, you still have a very good RTP (97.3% in ER). What’s important is that with online roulette, you feel the suspense and thrill of the race. Visit one of our recommended online casinos in Ireland and scope out the best online roulette that suits your taste.


Online roulette is a game of luck where a player must bet on the outcome of a wheel spin. If the bet wins, the player gets a cash reward in accordance with the bet odds (usually set in the paytable).

It depends. Experience shows almost 100% of roulette games are fair. If you play games from reputable studios, you can rest assured of no-scam outcomes.

Even-money bets are the less risky (a bit less than 50% odds) but a bet on a single number is the most profitable. Betting 10 euros on one number can win you 35:1, i.e. 350 euros.

  • European roulette: 97.3%
  • American roulette: 94.8%
  • French roulette: 97.3% or 98.65%

The range is broad. It depends on the game and provider. Typically, the lowest bet is €0.5. High rollers can find roulette tables that take €10,000 and even over that amount.

Hundreds of companies produce this game, so it’s hard to single out the best. Players usually have good experience in roulette developed by Arrow’s Edge, Betsoft, Red Rake and Pragmatic Play.

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