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Welcome bonuses in IE online casinos

A welcome bonus is the first thing players get from an online casino in Ireland. Some welcome bonuses are not worth a farthing, while others are excellent. Even experts have a hard time assessing the bonus’s feasibility because some terms are somewhat vague and tricky to interpret. Fairly speaking, experience shows that only about 10–15 per cent of all welcome casino bonuses are worth claiming, and the player’s task is to make the right choice, denying the bonus that fails to tick all boxes. Should I take a bonus after signing up? There’s no definite answer. This article will help you make the right call when you start playing in Irish online casinos for real money.

What is a welcome bonus?

The bonus is self-explanatory. You can get it as a welcome gesture from the online casino. There are hardly any casinos out there that do not feature one or another bonus for new players. When creating an account, many online casinos ask whether you want to claim a bonus on your first deposit. If you agree, you check the corresponding box.

Even before depositing, you can see banners, popups and other kinds of messages prompting you to claim the welcome bonus. And when you finally deposit the qualifying amount, the bonus is yours.

100% up to €200. You see this or a similar phrase very often. Let’s dissect it. ‘100%’ shows a match with the deposited amount, so you will get 100% of your deposit as a bonus. ‘Up to €200’ means the maximum bonus you can get. So if you deposit €500, the max you will grab is €200.

Bonus property


Wagering requirement

30x to 50x

Bonus life

1–2 weeks

Deposit match percentage


Max bonus


Max bet when wagering

€5 (varies)

Contributing games

Slots, Table games, (rarely) Live Games

Difficulty level to complete



Very frequent

Welcome bonus terms and conditions

So, now you have a welcome bonus. What to do next? It’s time to wager the bonus according to its terms and conditions, which you should read attentively. The most typical bonus terms are explained below.

Playthrough requirements (WR)

If you claim a match bonus, its WR is usually 30x and higher (see the table above). That multiplier can apply only to the bonus amount or to the deposit plus bonus. The latter implies you will have to wager twice as much. You must know the details of this vital provision precisely before taking a bonus.

Excluded games

Also, pay close attention to the games permitted for bonus wagering. As a rule of thumb, video slots are allowed. However, online casinos in Ireland usually list dozens and hundreds of slots that are excluded while the remainder is allowed. The logic here is that online casinos do not like games with high RTP, which enhance your prospects for success. Besides, keep in mind the contribution rates of each type of game.

Minimum deposit

Suppose you have moved five euros to your account. Now you want to claim a welcome bonus. Disappointingly, you cannot do that because your online casino has a Minimum Deposit requirement that you have neglected. Just keep in mind that any bonus, including a welcome bonus, is unlocked successfully if you have topped up your real casino balance with no lower than the specified amount.

'Deposit + Bonus' or 'Bonus Only'

Players often ignore this essential term—and how wrong it is! This crucial provision shows what amounts are considered when calculating the playthrough requirement. Let’s assume you get a €200 bonus on depositing €100. The term says it is ‘30x bonus only’, so you must wager €6000 (€200 x 30). In case the terms provide the same WR with a ‘bonus + deposit’ instruction, the player will have to bet (€200 + €100) x 30 = €9000. Of course, the longer the bonus wagering goes on, the lower the chances of completing it.

Maximum wins

Welcome bonuses usually have the max win provision that sets bounds to the winnings a player can theoretically earn when wagering the bonus. It goes without saying that one can win thousands of euros when betting only a few euros per spin. However, this rule makes these lucky hits almost impossible. Welcome bonus winnings are usually capped at 10x—should you land a juicy million-dollar jackpot with your bonus money, you’ll hardly get your hands on it.

What is a welcome package?
This is a beginners' kit with two or more welcome bonuses. It can comprise only match deposit bonuses, free spins, or a combination of both. You may skip its first part but redeem it on the second deposit. Some packages have a mix of bonuses for casual players and high rollers.

Bottom line: Welcome bonuses

A welcome bonus can be your first friend in the online casino in Ireland, provided you take it seriously. Online casinos take care of their business and profits, so it’s clear they are not prone to squander cash prizes indiscriminately. A welcome bonus usually takes the form of a match bonus or free spins—sometimes, free chips are given. The best online casinos in Ireland offer below-average WR (30x) and a wide range of qualifying games to wager the bonus with. Many casinos online have what is known as welcome packages, which cut across three or more deposits of a new casino member. We cannot recommend one grab all and sundry welcome bonus. Read our casino reviews, where we go through all casino aspects and point up the most rewarding welcome bonuses.


A welcome bonus is the first bonus a player gets immediately after signing up with an online casino.

It depends. Usually, the minimum acceptable amount to claim a welcome bonus is 10 to 20 euros.

This is a set of bonuses applicable to more than one deposit. Online casinos offer welcome packages on three or more top-ups performed by a new member.

Option One: google them. This is not easy because you will have to sift through dozens of sites, and the bonus you will ultimately claim can be bog-standard. Option Two: look at our casino reviews. Though not IE online casinos have adequate bonuses, you have an excellent chance to find exactly what you want.

If you come across a deposit bonus with a 30x WR and lower, consider claiming it after a close examination of other bonus terms and conditions.

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