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Online Baccarat in IE casinos

Online baccarat is an exotic game for Irish guys. Judging by experience, online baccarat is not popular in Irish online casinos – there are too many options other than baccarat that players gravitate towards, e.g. online slots. However, our gambling portal would not be complete without this Asian game that is widely known and enjoyed in that region. If you don’t know anything about this game, read our review, which can stir up your interest in online baccarat, encouraging you to learn more about it.
Baccarat by Mascot
Baccarat Pro by Platipus
Baccarat Supreme by OneTouch

Online baccarat rules

Look at the screenshots above to understand our explanations better. Online baccarat as well as live baccarat is played on a table featuring a few markings, depending on the game version. Normally, there are three main areas: Player, Banker and Tie – they correspond to the bets a player can make. Note that the bet name ‘Player’ does not mean the bet belongs to the player or the hand is dealt directly to the player; this is just the name of one party in baccarat. So betting on the Player is not translated as ‘betting in your favour’ or something of this kind.

Online and live baccarat are played with eight 52-card decks (w/o jokers). After each round, the cards are shuffled (virtually or physically), so no card counting is possible. The game has a fast pace, with each round taking a few seconds to complete. 

Baccarat card values

Card Value
Ace 1
2-9 Face Value
10, Jack, Queen, King 0

Baccarat card counting explained

Based on the card scoring above, here is how the hands are counted: All cards are summed up. If the total has two digits, e.g. 15, the left digit is omitted. The remaining right digit is the hand’s score. Suppose the Banker hand has a three and a nine, which is 3+9=12. After deducing 2, the resulting score for this hand is 1. 

Baccarat online: Typical gameflow

First, you need to find a baccarat casino online. This is very easy because most online casinos in Ireland have a selection of these games. When you are in the game, you will have three bet options: Player, Banker or Tie. When a bet is made, the software (or a dealer in live baccarat) will begin to deal cards. Initially, two cards are dealt to the Player and Banker each. The software automatically calculates the total of the hands to decide whether one or both hands must receive the third card.

So, the game’s first stage is when the Player and Banker hands receive two cards. If no third card is needed, the software or the dealer determines the winning party based on the card score in each hand.  

Third card rule in online and live baccarat

In some gameplay situations, the Player and/or Banker hand is required to be dealt the third card. Fortunately, you don’t have to learn the third card rules because everything about it is done automatically.

General Rules

Situation Player's Third Card Rule Banker's Third Card Rule
Player's Initial Total 0-5 Draw a third card. Depends on Player's third card & Banker's total.
Player's Initial Total 6-7 Stand. Draw a third card if total 0-5; Stand if total 6-7.
Player Stands on 6-7 - Draw a third card if total 0-5; Stand if total 6-7.
Player Draws Third Card - See detailed rules below.

Banker's Third Card Rule when Player Draws

Banker's Total Player's Third Card Action
0-2 Any card Draw
3 0-7, 9 Draw
8 Stand
4 2-7 Draw
0-1, 8-9 Stand
5 4-7 Draw
0-3, 8-9 Stand
6 6-7 Draw
0-5, 8-9 Stand
7 Any card Stand

Payouts in game baccarat online

Baccarat’s payout multipliers are not impressive. A winning Player hand awards even money. The same is true for the Banker hand, minus a 5% commission. So playing baccarat online, you’ll win €1 on a €1 bet (or €0.95 on Banker). For a correct Tie bet, the cash loot you get will be 8:1. Some online baccarat variations offer 9:1 for a Tie. 

In money terms, your ceiling win is tied to your bet. Bet sizes are so varying that it is not possible to strike an average. Many baccarat online casinos come with a €1 minimum bet, yet some games are friendlier to low rollers with a 10-cent bet per round. Maximum stakes have a very wide diversity, too – from €500 to €10,000. Given these figures, you can easily say what your potential win can reach in online baccarat casinos.  

Side bets in baccarat online

As a complement to the three main bets, many baccarat games feature numerous side bets. They affect the gameplay dramatically, enhancing players’ motivation and experiences. As the name implies, a side bet is something you may add to your main bet. This is optional – you can bet only on Banker without even touching these Dragon Bonus, Perfect Pair and other side bet areas that you will find on your baccarat table.

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