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New Online Casinos in Ireland

You might wonder if new online casinos are better than old-established ones or not. It’s no secret that new casinos online appear very often, weekly or daily; who knows? Some turn into player’s favourites, while others fall into oblivion soon after being launched. So, what is the most dramatic difference between new and existing casinos? We will try to answer this question below. In fact, not every gambling and betting site emerging on the Internet is worth your time because being a newcomer does not necessarily mean being reliable and fair. On the other hand, brand-new online casinos have a few competitive edges that set them apart. Chances are you will visit a gambling site that got under way only a week ago and understand it was a real discovery. Read our in-depth post to learn more about new online casinos.

What is a new online casino?

Let’s put the question differently, ‘What online casino can be considered a new one?’ Is the casino new if it was founded and entered the market two years ago? What about six months or six weeks? The question is challenging – and so is the answer. We believe a new online real money casino is a gambling site that appeared recently (a week or a month ago) and is still a joker in the pack. Some Irish players are uptight about new casinos, while others bet real money there at the drop of the hat. However, both approaches are wrong. And that is why.

Risks of brand new casinos online

Everything new is, first of all, unknown. You will hardly buy a home appliance without reading customer reviews about it first, right? Only after learning its benefits and making certain of its fault-free operation will you send money to the seller. 

The same thing is true with new Irish online casinos. You must first ensure its integrity, fairness, and steady payouts; otherwise, you can encounter problems. Anyway, let’s think of the risks associated with playing in online new casinos.

  1. ‘Will they pay me or not?’ No one can guarantee the new casino you are in is not a scam. You can win €1000, but after sending a request to cash out and passing all personal verification steps (KYC), the casino will keep looking for contrived excuses for holding your money. Unfortunately, situations like that are not rare.
  2. ‘Will I find good bonuses?’ Maybe. Unscrupulous gambling sites publish alluring bonus terms and conditions to hook new players. You create an account, make a deposit and redeem a bonus code for the welcome bonus. But suddenly, you see the t&c of the same bonus that does not look as attractive as its original version that made you join the new casino. So, ultimately, you realise you’ve claimed a bad bonus and spent your deposit in vain.
  3. ‘Is the casino bug-free?’ Maybe. A brand new online casino is like a brand new auto: You never know what weak spots and teething problems it will have. This is especially true for new independent online casinos created by standalone companies, not the likes of Rabidi or Hollycorn, which invest millions into UX.
  4. ‘Can I play my favourite game there?’ The lack of some game categories is another con of new online casinos. Trying to look and feel modern, some new online casinos in Ireland lose sight of the big picture. Designers jam-pack it with recent releases but ignore classic slots. They stuff the new casino with trendy crash games but brush off 10-year-old table games that are still popular with some players. So, some new real-money online casinos have a poorly balanced library of games.

Pros of new online casinos

The main reason for the never-ending popularity of new casinos is that players expect to find something they cannot see on well-established sites: a brand-new take on bonuses, unique designs, and so on. Many players treat new online casinos 2024 as a new source of fun and entertainment. They got tired of replicated bonus programs that look alike, especially across sister sites, e.g. the ones from Dama N.V. Players want diversity and new emotions. That is why they keep looking for the best new online casinos that can meet their expectations.

  1. ‘Will I find exciting promos in a new casino?’ No guarantee, but the chances are very high. ‘Why so?’ you ask. This is all about marketing. In an effort to attract more players and – importantly – retain them as loyal customers, the best new casinos online offer bonuses with more appealing terms. So when visiting a new casino, you can find a bonus with a 25x wager, bonuses with no max win provision, no-wager cashback, and other sensational bonuses that old casinos usually avoid.
  2. ‘Will I get many new games?’ Maybe. The matter is that the game collections in new and established casinos are often similar. They differ only in the scope of providers. If any new title appears in gambling, and either a new or old casino cooperates with that provider, the game will be added to the lobbies of both casinos. So, games are not what makes new online casinos stand out.